• Introduce yourself:  

My name is Elisa Pujol Massaguer, I’m 47 years old and I work in Granja Armengol, a factory in Gurb.

  • Have you worked in one or more factories / industries?

I have only worked in one factory, which is the one I’m working in now.

  • In what type of factory do you work or have you been working?

I work in a dairy products factory, where I am the director and administrative.

  • Is the salary of the factory reasonable or very poor?

The salary of the factory is always reasonable. It depends on the work you do.

  • How many years have you been working in the factory / industry?

I started working in the factory 26 years ago.

  • Is your timetable different from the one you had x years ago?

Yes, it is. Now I work more hours than some years ago because when I started I was finishing my university degree.

  • How has the factory or industry where you work changed with the time?

The factory has grown, and now there are more products. The machines have also been updated.

  • During the time you have been working in the factory, have you raised or have you decreased in the workplace?

I started in a different workplace because some years ago we didn’t have the employees we have now.

  • Does the owner supervise the work done at the factory?

Yes, he does, and he also works.

  • When were you more satisfied with your work?

When the factory grew.

  • What was your most difficult stage economically?

When we were starting, because all was new.

  • Where have you worked and what has been your favorite work of all?

I haven’t worked anywhere else.  


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