All began in Gurb, 1827, when the colony of Malars, was situated between the Ter and the Gurri to take advantage of the water and generate hydraulic energy. In this year a fleet of French, British and Russian people, defeated the naval forces of Ibrahim Bajá, who directed the fight against the Greeks for their independence.

In 1855, was registred the first general strike of workers in Spain, while the newspaper “Daily Telegraph” appeared in Britain.
An important event for the evolution of Catalonia happened in 1870, when electricity was introduced as a driving force. Five years later, in 1875 Antonio Machado was born and Hans Christian Andersen died.

In 1880, we can see that the number of workers in Malars, Gurb, grows, since labor in Osona was cheaper than in Barcelona and therefore, many people went to our region. However, there were many more workers outside of Catalonia, and thanks to this, the construction of the tunnel that connect Switzerland and Italy through the Alps could be completed.

Three years after, arrived the railway in Vic, approximately in 1883, the first public railroad for horse-drawn merchandise was inaugurated in Great Britain.
And finally, in 1885, Louis Pasteur, a scientist at the Academy of Sciences of France, reported that he has found a method to prevent rabies after the bite of an animal.


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