During the 1950s, many events related to the industrial revolution had happened.
The first important date that happened in Europe was in 1965, where they signed the treaty of merging of the European communities. A fact that happened in Catalonia that improved the quality of life of many families was the formation of the association of Sant Tomàs.

Two years later, remains of the castle are discovered at the top of the Gurb Cross Mountain. In the same year, a new sculpture by Joan Miró was inaugurated: “Model for Woman, bird and a star”. Equatorial Guinea of ​​Spain was also independent while in London the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (non-nuclear weapons) was signed in London by triplicate.

In 1969 they awarded Jordi Rubió i Balaguer the first Prize of Honor for Catalan Letters. In Spain, however, ETA began to do terrorist activities. Europe made the goal of creating the euro official, but it was not finally done. In Vic, Girbau opened in 1971 and in Catalonia, the Assemblea de Catalunya opposes Franco’s dictatorship.

In 1974 Vic was built the first industrial estate. This caused that many factories were allowed in the same place. In Europe there was a revolution of red carnations in Portugal. The following year was a very important year. Official language was declared Catalan, General Francisco Franco died and the European Space Agency began to function.
For a few years, there were not many facts that stood out much. The most important were: in 1981 there was a coup d’etat in Spain, in 1983 Gurb opened Casa Tarradellas and in 1986 Spain entered the European Community.

In 1991, by Vic, it was a very tough year since there was an attack on the barracks of the civil guard where 10 people and 44 wounded died, while the Soviet Union (Soviet Union Socialist Republics) disappeared in Europe. The following year in Barcelona there were the Olympic Games where twenty thousand permanent jobs were created and forty thousand temporary jobs and the economic impact was thirteen billion euros directly and indirectly twenty million of euros. In the vicinity, during the Olympic games, he hosted roller hockey competitions. In Spain also a great advance with the transport, since the first high-speed train was inaugurated.

Little happened until 1997, where Spain entered NATO (Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty). After that, we came to the 21st century, where the euro was finally established as the official currency in Europe. Two years later in Spain there was a terrorist attack in Madrid.

Finally, we arrive in 2005 where Gurb opened Llet Pascual, legalization of marriage of same sex throughout Spain and in London there were two very serious attacks where 52 people died and many other people was injured.The following year in Catalonia won the elections Artur Mas.

In recent years, until 2009 a treaty was signed in London for the crisis to end. In 2010, thousands of people go to different cities to express themselves for real democracy. In 2012, London is the first city where the Olympics were celebrated three times. Two years later, King Juan Carlos I retired after 39 years because of the health problems he had. That same year, for the first time an artifact manages to land on a comet, launched by the European Space Agency.

In 2016, Britain decided to leave the European Union with 52% of votes in favor. The following year he was a coup in Catalonia since a referendum was made where many civil guards attacked and hurt a lot of people just to stop these voting. Because of this, 11 politicians and the bosses of the squad were jailed unjustly. Meanwhile, in Spain an attack of a Chinese virus was affected that affected to thousands of computer of many companies. One very important news that Italy received in 2018 was the discovery of a saltwater lake in the subsoil of Mars.


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